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The Southwest Koi and Pond Association is a non-profit educational organization that promotes the hobbies of ponds and water gardening.  Our goal is to advance the appreciation and exhibition of ponds, koi, goldfish and aquatic life.   

There is a growing interest in building Koi and water garden ponds.  Pond, fish, and plant problems are discussed at our meetings, and solutions and recommendations are provided by some of our experienced pond keepers.  One can benefit by attending our monthly meetings, and consulting with senior club members in order to acquire pond and koi knowledge.  This knowledge will help greatly to reduce the number of mistakes normally made in constructing and maintaining Koi ponds.  What better way to learn about ponds, than by sharing the knowledge of experienced pond keepers. 

The Southwest Koi and Pond Assoc. (MySKAPA) invites anyone who has an interest in ponds, koi, goldfish, aquatic plants or other aquatic life, to attend one of our monthly meetings to see if our organization is beneficial for you.  We generally meet every second Sunday of the month at a different memberís home, where their unique water features are observed and discussed.  Most meetings will include a guest speaker and/or videos to enhance our knowledge in sustaining aquatic life. 

Southwest Koi and Pond Association (MySKAPA) is a member of Texas Association of Pond Societies, (TAPS)   TAPS is an organization of pond societies in the state of Texas and has united the Texas pond clubs into a single group.   Each society is represented on the TAPS Board of Directors.

For further information, please contact MySKAPA at (915) 494-4KOI (4564) [Smitty] or (915) 833-9339 [Don]



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