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SKAPA club members have built a pond at the new El Paso Botanical Gardens. The El Paso Botanical Gardens are located on the east side of Doniphan Drive and just north of the El Paso City Solid Waste Management facility.

A map of 4200 Doniphan Dr, El Paso, TX 79922. Click to see the map on MSN Maps & Directions

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We have donated the equipment and supplied the knowledge and some of the labor to build the pond. Our pond is expected to be the focal point of the Gardens. We hare placed a sign beside the pond to advertise our club. We will also be permitted to hold some of our monthly meetings in their amphitheater. We can use the facility for a weekend koi and pond show if desired. The Gardens are being built in two phases, the first phase is already completed and was financed by a generous donation from the local Junior League of El Paso. The second phase has been financed with a donation from the local Rotary Club. The SKAPA pond is located in the Rotary Club area. The Botanical Gardens are part of the Keystone Heritage Park, the El Paso Wetlands, a natural lake for year around wildlife refuge. It will be beautiful when completed. Please stop by when in the neighborhood or make a special trip to see this nature area. We'll include pictures on this page as soon as they're available.

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Putting down the liner

Several club members gave of their time to help in the project

Making the bulkhead fitting for the skimmer.

It took a lot of work to "get it right"!

Dennis and his supervisor doing more liner work

Our pump house and filter

The new El Paso Desert Botanical Garden Pond will be a great place to visit and relax!



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